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Our partners


Cronoservice cooperates with some prominent companies for the realization of its products both as regards hardware and software components. This allows us to have full control of all production phases and to be able to intervene quickly as each unit is modified and customized in accordance with the requirements and needs of the customer and a constantly evolving market. The control of each production phase allows us to intervene directly on all the components of the machines in case of technical assistance.

The quality system has always been one of the main objectives of Cronoservice srl and the ISO 13485 certification guarantees compliance with it, in fact all the equipment is CE marked.

Cronoservice strategic partners on the veterinary radiology market are RAMPOLDI X-RAY, which will act as a strategic partner for the supply of monoblocks, electrical components and related management software; but also, MECCANICA MEDESE an well-known mechanical factory, and T.O.P. which stands out as a pioneering company in the automation sector.