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Veterinary radiological equipment

Cronoservice Srl deals with the design, production and sale of high frequency radiological equipment for all diagnostic needs in veterinary medicine, in compliance with the current medical regulations by providing digital systems for direct image acquisition of excellent quality.


Cronoservice deals internally with the design, construction and sale of radiological machines for veterinary medicine, giving shape to projects that arise from two fundamental principles: creating the best operative conditions for our professionals and management and providing high quality radiographic images.


Cronoservice can provide the best solutions to meet the needs of veterinary clinics and practices, providing radiological systems and digital image acquisition systems that always guarantee a high quality / price ratio.


In direct sales, Cronoservice deals entirely with the delivery and installation at the customer's premises, also guaranteeing the after-sales service, while in sales through Specialized Resellers, it offers the Manufacturer's warranty on its products, making itself available to provide technical support.

The company profile

Crono Service srl has been active since 2008 in the veterinary radiology sector, with the design, production and sale of equipments designed and manufactured in compliance with current medical regulations.

Cronoservice is the ideal partner for radiology, all its products are the result of innovative research aimed at satisfying every need of the modern veterinarian, guaranteeing an adequate quality / price ratio.

The intended use of the production is aimed exclusively at veterinarians.

Cronoservice offers its X-ray equipment both on the national and international market, directly to the end user or through specialized dealers.

A technologically advanced group

In 2021 the company gave itself a new corporate structure and with the new company name Cronoservice Srl it moved to the new headquarters in Giussano – MB, settling in a production context made up of companies belonging to the same group, with which it shares a solid vision of product optimization and customer satisfaction.

Some of these companies play a particularly relevant role: RAMPOLDI X-RAY srl, which will act as a strategic partner for the supply of monoblocs, electronics, generators and related management software.

This new structure allows the implementation of internal processes and the increase of production capacity, promoting the cooperation with highly specialized and experienced staff in the sector and bringing together the manufacturing of all the constituent parts of the radiological machines.

Our product for radiology

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