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Direct digital detector TOSHIBA FDXA4343R

This direct digital detector equipped with Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) technology with reliable performance.
Strong mechanical structure, despite the small size, especially with regard to the thickness.
15 seconds to ignite. AED available on request.

Leading image quality.
Our flat panel produce excellent images by reducing the dose of rays.

Technical characteristics
  • Scintillator: Cesium ioduro (Csl)
  • Field of vision: 430×439 mm (16.9 × 17.3 inch)
  • Pixel area: 3040 x 3036
  • Spatial resolution: 3.7 Lp/mm tip
  • Data transmission to the system: Ethernet (1000BASE-T)
  • Rx generator interface: External
  • Power input: DC24V 2A (from the power supply unit)
  • Detector Size: 512x495x43 mm
  • Weight: 9 kg (circa)
  • Grid hiding option