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IONA2-R-3643 direct digital detector

Detector with high DQE, 16-bit dynamic range, several additional modes with binning and frame rates suitable to capture the X-ray video stream, it generates exceptional quality images that help users reveal the finest details of the subject. The patient will appreciate a reduced dose exposure resulting from high sensitivity and sophisticated post-processing.

The detector is ready for X-ray imaging within 5 seconds. Consecutive images available in less than 4 seconds allow the vet to increase productivity along with greater patient satisfaction.

Technical Characteristics
  • Sensors: 72 Photo-diode Sensor Array (PSA)
  • DR-3643-CSI: 360 × 432 cesium conversion screen
  • Field of view: 360×432 mm.
  • Pixel area: 4096×3456 (15.000.000 pixels)
  • Spatial resolution: 4
  • 5 lp/mm
  • Dynamic range: >400
  • Total time of image acquisition and correction: 3 sec.
  • Geometric distortion: <0.3% with original patented correction software
  • Scanning method: Progressive
  • Conversion A/D: 16 bits
  • Data transmission to our ``vetrad`` system: Gigabit ethernet
  • X-ray generator interface: No interface - the detector automatically detects the radiation exposure
  • Detector size: 490x420x115 mm.
  • Weight: <8 kg with steel container
  • X-ray tube side protection screen: Carbon fiber
  • Power supply / consumption voltage: 18VDC/50WATT