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Crono MX 15/30kw

Crono MX30KW is a high-performance system for radiographic examinations intended for the veterinary field and also available in the 15kW version.

Characterized by high efficiency and small size, it is fully manageable through the intuitive touch screen interface, or alternatively from software that can be installed on a PC, through which it is possible to manage the settings and parameterizations of the machine.

The system can be equipped with both fixed and mobile digital or analogic acquisition devices, direct or indirect.

  • Patient table top mobile in 4 directions with mechanical brake stand with monoblock F.F.D. 110 cm
  • Cassette tray 43×43 cm.
  • Removable grid 150 line/inch size 44×48 cm.
  • X-ray electronic control under patient table top.
  • Colour touch-screen integrated in the monoblock.
  • Integral control of MX system with PLC.
  • 2 points (KV – mAs) and 3 points (KV – mA – msec.) technique.
  • Automatic control of mA values during radiography for constant performance over time.
  • Anatomical techniques programmed or programmable by the operator.
  • Ready for all the digital and analogical systems on the market. (direct/indirect).
  • Operational mode with 2 points or 3 points techniques
  • selectable from the touch screen
  • Two points KV – mAs selectable from the touch screen
  • Three points KV – mA – msec selectable from the touch screen
  • Anatomic program (APR)
  • Small / large focus selection
  • Different levels of system access with password
  • Interface for X-ray parameters RX (KV – mAs)
  • System state messages
  • Exposition parameters: free selection or with anatomic technique
  • Selection kV from 40 to 125 kV in 1 kV steps
  • Selection mA small focus from 80 to 160 mA
  • Selection mA large focus from 160 to 400 mA
  • Selection mAs from 0.6 to 125 mAs
  • Selection KV – mAs in anatomic technique with APR
  • Filament control and protection
  • Over current and overvoltage protection
  • X-ray tube overload protection

Dedicated storage area for events and/or warnings with different level of password for analysis by the service.


All the qualities of our solid mechanics in a hybrid solution.

Cronovet is designed to house portable acquisition systems allowing the configuration of a stationary workstation within the clinical context.

The table is supplied free from any generator or acquisition system. A specially designed bracket, positioned at the top of the column, acts as a support for the placement of the portable device.

  • Mechanical structure entirely produced with solid materials and easy to clean.
  • In possession of all industry certifications relating to safety during its use.
  • Convenient 4-way mobile patient table equipped with a silenced mechanical brake so as not to bother the patient during the examination.
  • Standard rx tube holder with fixed focal F.F.D. 110 cm and comes with a holder for a portable device.
  • Drawer placed in the base of the table designed to accommodate all analogical or digital systems on the market (direct / indirect).