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A belt with a fully adjustable 2” wide belt buckle with the addition of an elastic insert offers a more comfortable and personalized fit.

The velcro strap prevents slippage and the included shoulder straps provide additional comfort.

The pocket is included. Available in size S, M, L.


One Piece molded design with a soft outer shell.

All models feature a breathable nylon lining for maximum comfort.

6 lb / pair


The enveloping frame is made from durable nylon and features superior flexibility while minimizing potential breakage.

The design is extremely popular and offers maximum comfort while offering excellent peripheral vision with 0.75mm lead glass side screens.

A full saddle bridge distributes weight evenly across the nose. Wt. 84 g., 0.75 mm protection.

Colour: tortoise, black or silver.


Velcro strap, 0.5mm protection.

Thyroid protection in navy blue.